Curriculum Development

Our expertise is in building inquiry based curricula that are rooted in cultural exploration and concept oriented experiences. We develop curricula for Visual Art, Theatre, Film & Photography, Literature and Reading Programs.

  • Inquiry Based Pedagogy
  • Concept Centred Annual Plans
  • Intersectional Learning
  • Integrated Modules
  • Learner Driven Methodologies

Teacher Training

We design arts-inspired teacher training modules, based on a school’s individual requirement like:

  • 21st Century Skills 101
  • Teacher Refresher Workshops
  • Pre Primary Teacher Training
  • Effective Storytelling Skills
  • Mindful Facilitation Skills
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Leadership Training
  • In-house Drama and Visual Art Teacher Training
  • Online Classroom Enhancement Workshops

Exhibitions and Showcases

We design, facilitate and execute inquiry-based and student-led modules, leading up to Exhibitions, Showcases, In-house Performances and Festivals. We believe in introducing learners to a contemporary and experimental exploration of artistic form, aesthetic and style.

  • Immersive Theatrical Performance Experiences
  • Drama Competitions
  • Annual Day Performance Showcase
  • Curated Film Screenings
  • Film making Workshops
  • Students’ Short Film Festival
  • Inquiry Led Art Exhibitions… and more

Online Education

In a post-2020 world moving towards a more technology dependent, hybridised way of functioning, it has become essential to reimagine the structures of teaching, learning and education itself from the confines of our homes through the portals of screens.
At Sphere, our primary meditation has been the environment of the child, and how we can facilitate learning by allowing them to engage with their home, their people and themselves.
Our online modules, designed for learners as well as educators, challenges the limitations of the screen and creates independent means of learning away from it.

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